Friday, December 28, 2018


Ok , I am going to talk about basics of advocacy here .

I am fed up and because I am fed up I do not care if I loose friends over this !

I have been doing advocacy for almost 10 years .

And I have attended / Been part of advocacy groups also for almost 10 years .

I have noticed that a lot of advocates confuse conferences or advocacy meetings with therapy sessions . Call me an asshole , But this has been my observation throughout The years .

Now let's go to basics ; Being an advocate means literally doing advocacy with or without background of a degree in Law . You MUST have a thick skin , Have a sense of humor and accept losses .

When I say "Accept losses " I mean you have to accept that a Legislator, Senator does not want to talk to you and or simply does not care about your issue . You have to accept that a State Representative does not care about your issue , Does not like you for whatever reason  and or insults you .

Your personal feelings are here COMPLETELY irrelevant !  What matters though is that you are fighting for what is RIGHT .

I can assure you that every Lobbyiest , Senator , Governor and even every President of our country has been in some  way insulted or humiliated whether openly or in private . That is simply part of politics .

Never mind gossip whether true or false that happens in prominent law offices . And rest assured that Judges get bullied as well .

I am not referring here to any particular President or other Government official or lawmaker .

This has been happening for decades !

And honestly it does not matter what you are advocating about . You will always find a State Rep. Who cares as much about your issues as about Black Friday . And if this does not make sense then here is another one ; Some State officials care more about restaurants that serve The BEST pasta in town than about actual human life .

So your job is to convince these people that pasta is made by humans ! And without humans there would not be a good cook to make great pasta !  I am intentionally using strange humor here because you HAVE to be able to connect with politicians to convince them WHY your cause is so important !

If this is not something you can do then that is OK . You are maybe better at getting their attention by protesting to get your message across and that will work as well !

If you feel insulted then that is natural . Vent on social media about it or to your friends , But keep going to prove that you are BETTER than their insults and that you are The bigger person !

If necessary start a peer support group for advocates where you can vent and share encouragement to keep up fighting for The right thing .

Also watch documentaries about famous people who fought for justice . And if you cannot relate to that particular person , Then keep in mind that if you are impressed with The person you are watching about then use that person as a role model for YOUR advocacy !

Who knows ! Maybe you will be The next person a documentary will be filmed about in 50 years !

Thank you for reading


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