Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I deeply saddened by The fire that occurred on said church !

I am devastated !

I am commenting a lot about Notre-Dam on social media and I think it is obvious that I am very passionate about this issue !

I want to first off start by clarifying that I am not catholic . I am
Spiritual but I am not catholic .

In previous posts I mentioned that I used to study religions and their history. I actually continued my studies recently again and in more depth .

What I find interesting that people rather shame or ridicule somebody who is passionate about a particular subject . If you cannot relate or empathize then that is OK . Just leave it or The person alone or ask why this person is so passionate or upset about a particular issue .
From my studies I learned The significance of Notre-Dam . I do not expect people to
Understand me .

I learned that Notre-Dam is closely connected to The history of Jesus and people’s understanding of who he was . And Notre-Dam is actually The ONLY or second only church that is related to The history of Jesus . And never mind all The famous activists who were hanged  at Notre-Dam especially women who way Beyond their time and advocated for justice !

I do not expect people to believe or care about this subject. But PLEASE do not ridicule or shame people who care about ancient history !

Thank you


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