Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Three fires !

First a fire at Notre - Dam , Then Mosque in Jerusalem and if that is not enough, Apso The National museum in Brazil !

This has to stop !

All three buildings are masterpieces !

Only people who hate culture of any kind could accept such distraction !

We NEED culture now more than ever !

We have now young people growing up who are ignorant and lack morals and ethics .

Yes there are thankfully rich people who are offering their money to restore some of these buildings and I am grateful to them . And yes I agree that this money should also be used to pay for food and clothing and stop poverty !

But The point is that The present and future generation is growing ignorant of values .

And who knows, Maybe these generous rich people are not as generous as they seem . Maybe strings are attached .

But these three buildings being on fire tells me that future generations will have no respect for history or culture and eventually even deny anything that is precious to our present and past generations.

Thank you


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