Monday, May 27, 2019

Being a survivor , Survivor Guilt And History


We have survivors from all walks of life .

We have people who survived The Holocaust .

We have people who survived different kinds of wars

We have people who survived a crash whether it is a car crash, Plane crash , train or other kind of vehicle crash .

We have people who survived bombings !

We have people who survived domestic violence and or rape .

And even if certain people did not have to survive a war , they witnessed though every part of history whether it is The great depression or other historical events .

I believe that all these people survived / witnessed important world events so that they could share with us ( Future generation ) what they saw so that we learn from their experiences and NOT repeat again !

It is actually quite easy to verify witness and or survivor information because many of these people wrote dairies and or simply an autobiography .

Unfortunately many people in our society have no interest in listening and rather accuse these people of being liars because they survived or witness The events they talk about .

I will not agree or disagree with the statement that said witnesses or survivors are MAYBE making up a story to be famous , But if you really think that a particular person is lying , it is really easy to fact check the information because guess what ! we have now The " WWW " so google their name or go to The library and check their name . It is really that simple .

The sad part is that some of these people who are actually survivors turn to " Survivor guilt " because people point at them for being alive .

Some popular quotes ;

" if that really happened to you , How did you survive and they are all dead ?!"

" If you were really abused and or beaten , why did you not leave earlier ?!"

" If you really had all these experiences , why are you not rich by now ?! You should be a millionaire !"

Or " You know all this because of your past experiences so you should be making money and giving all those assholes a piece of your mind !"

As IF it is that simple ( Facepalm ) !

And never mind that people are ignoring The stories of survivors and already changing history by removing literature with stories from people who actually lived during a particular time period .

The present generation is already mocking people who lived through the holocaust and or immigrated to The U.S because of persecution in their countries  .

" You are lying or you are just bitter about something "

"You cannot be telling The truth because our history books tell a different story "

Well , Obviously The Department of Education or whoever is responsible for our history books has no interest in asking our senior citizens "what happened ?"

 The next thing that happens is that some people who are survivors develop survivors guilt and some even commit suicide .

 OR those who survived the holocaust for instance die due to age or disease and then society has The excuse that history books describe so and so because those who lived it are not with us anymore .

Why are books about Helen Keller or biographies from Laura Ingalls  Wilder removed or The book about the Mocking bird ? ( Figurativley asking )

Yes , they have words in them that were quite common in those days and INEXCUSABLE in our society . That is true , but they are HISTORY .

If you remove these books then there will be no evidence about slavery and other and history can repeat itself !

It is really not that hard to teach children respect and how to show respect

it is really not that hard to have a talk with a kid or kids and say "you see these words in this book ? yes people in The past use these words but they are disrespectful and condescending and derogatory ! We know better and do NOT ever use these terms anymore because EVERYBODY deserves to be treated with dignity and respect !"

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