Saturday, May 4, 2019

The term " I am woke "

I am seeing a lot of people use this term which tells me that society has made this term " fashionable " .

I would have ignored and cut people some slack for using this word even when they are using this word in The wrong context ,but after seeing people misusing "woke" and hiding behind this word when they do not want to admit that they are racist , homophobic and or simply assholes . I decided that  I MUST speak up !

First of all , If you google that word you will see that Woke is a political term  of African American origin .

Seconds , It is a SLANG . The actual term is " I am awake "

Just an FYI : I am a member of a few spiritual groups and NOBODY uses The term " Woke "

Also I want to point out that a lot of people will say though that they are woke just because they want to look and sound " Cool"

The truth of The matter is that being awake is not about being "Cool" .

In spiritual groups , Being awake simply means being aware of your surroundings . Being aware of The people you interact with AND most importantly being aware of yourself .

When you are aware of yourself you are aware of your issues . You own your issues . You take responsibility for yourself and your actions .

For example , If you were a racist in The past and something happened in your life that made you realize how dumb or irrational your racist mentality was then you own it . When you are having a conversation with a group of people or just one person and racism happens to come up , You are open and share your experiences and take responsibilities for your actions towards The marginalized group you either attacked verbally or with actions . And you advocate your support for said group by volunteering or donating money to said group .

Also in many spiritual groups , members usually do not say " I am awake " . With that in mind , You know that they are awake because they talk about justice and how communities can and should show support to communities in poverty . They are simply aware of The Government and where The Government is missing innovative ideas and these people simply develop a passion for any marginalized group they feel they want to support .

Many of these people donate money and or time without talking about it really .

They will go to  women's marches , ADA events and or any other event that they know needs as much support as possible .

Also these people who are awake , They will treat you with respect and dignity as you deserve as a human being . They do  not care if YOU are awake . They will value your perspectives and differences . And if they think you are being a jerk , They will still be respectful and respectfully point out where you can learn more about an issue that they think you are being judgmental or hateful about .

These people respect that everybody has faults because NOBODY is perfect .

In these groups nobody cares what your religion is or where you come from . You can be Muslim , Catholic , Jewish , Buddhist or whatever other religion is out there . In these groups you are simply seen as a human being who deserves to be heard and treated with dignity and respect .

If you want to share your religious views and where you are from and about your culture , That is alright as long as each party is being respectful .

For me personally the best part about being around people who attend spiritual groups is that you always learn something new and have " Aha" moments ! You learn a new perspective about different issues .

Some people after attending a spiritual group feel uncomfortable  afterwards because they feel like somebody burst a bubble or belief they had and they do not like it .

If these people get really upset then they will come up with The most appalling accusations because they felt humiliated or insulted although all that happened was that their faults were pointed out .

It is human nature to not want to face where you were mistaken .

And other people find their experience eye opening and inspiring and decide to come again .

Thank you for reading


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