Friday, August 30, 2019

America's History of Slavery


I have been working on a research paper about The 54th and 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and and came to a HORRENDOUS conclusion .

I apologize in advance for what I am about to say and I realize it sounds despicable . I do not have though a better way to describe this !

I will not talk about America in general because this country has ALWAYS been divided on various issues .

I will say though that some of The  American Culture has a STRANGE LOVE relationship to slavery .

If you think that slavery is over then unfortunately I have to say based upon my continuing research , Slavery is still continuing in The U.S ! It is just called differently or people view it differently .

I am not going to look at all my notes but I assure you that you can find lots of information from credible sources on this issue . And I apologize as well for not remembering " What country was first "

I will start by saying that America was build on slavery by those who discovered America  , By The people who came first to this continent .

First Natives were taken as slaves till they fought back so well that The first people had to give up .

Then after a century Irish and Chinese people immigrated to America between 1820-1860 and some or a lot of Chinese and Irish immigrants were enslaved .

Also black people were bought by The American Government from a part of Africa ( I think Nigeria )
and sold and enslaved . 

I am using The term " Enslaved because many of my classmates who are black said that " Enslaved felt more appropriate "

At some point slave owners lost interest in Chinese or Irish people ( Not going into detail here )
and had black slaves ( For a lack of better wording )

I am well familiar with how despicable black people , Families and children were treated . I still shudder when i think about my research paper and books I read recently from eye witnesses !

I know from stories I heard about my family in Europe that people were NEVER enslaved in my family nor their friends . But I still want to apologize for all that your families went through !

I am getting off track here .

According to my research Slavery was first partly ended with The Emancipation Proclamation by Abe Lincoln and then there was The Thirteenth Amendment that had to be ratified by The former Confederate States who still to this day are NOT happy with The change in The constitution .

Sorry for The rant !

Anyways , Although slavery of black people was abolished in 1867 and black people were free and allowed to be citizens , The war was not over because there was still a need to fight for black peoples rights to have basic human rights . MLK .J. and Rosa parks .

What I see now though is that although there are more rights to a degree , Slavery is STILL existing !

Many black people still have to struggle in some parts of America to just own a house despite no legal issue because of The Government .

What I also see is that The new form of slavery is being on Government Assistance .

If you are on SSI or SSDI , You are in The system and The Government decides how much money you receive , How much food stamps you receive ( Even with children ) and if you dare to get a job they will decide if you can receive some government assistance while holding a part time job .

You have to answer for every step you take .

Even if you are ar as clean as snow or do not have a criminal record , They are just looking for a way to punish you !

You are not allowed to save money because they watch your bank account and if you have an IRA or some kind of savings then they want to know how you got The money and where from and cut their payments .

Also you cannot really live where you want unless you have family then can help out .

Also they make an issue if you are disabled and have a kid supposedly because they are concerned about The child's welfare .

You have to free yourself from government assistants with a lot of luck and support  !

I know there are more whys how they keep you trapped , But cannot remember .

I am done with my official rant / Done venting

Thank you


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