Sunday, November 24, 2019

The history of slavery

This is going to be triggering so PLEASE do NOT read if this brings flashbacks of any sorts !

Probably sounds more like a rant !

I am finishing my research paper on Frederick Douglass . I have been writing my research paper since June of 2019 . I am specifically doing a research on how and what his role was in helping and advocating for black soldiers to to fight in The Civil War .  I am not going to go into specifics however I have discovered  a lot that is NOT covered in history books and probably never will .

In this post I will use the terms " Enslaved  black people " or " enslaved slaves " because my Social Studies Professor who is black and a few of my classmates who are also black agreed that these above mentioned terms are the most appropriate .

Throughout my research and mini history lessons we had in class , we talked about the history of racism and slavery . It blows my mind how slavery was even invented !

During discussions I realized that although history books talk about slavery , people do not realize that slavery still exists !

In the time of our for fathers who fought for our independents slavery already existed .

Slavery actually started even before Christopher Columbus showed up . He did take Native Americans as slaves however slavery is a European concept that has existed even in European countries !

Black people were sold and taken to European countries until at some point a new law was created to stop buying slaves .

In America slavery started with Columbus using Native people as slaves until The Native people were freed either by dying from diseases that actually Europeans brought to America or by in human treatment by slave owners .

Later Colonist took Irish people then Chinese people ( I cannot remember who first ) .

Some of our for fathers are horrible and in human people !

Later they enslaved people from parts of Africa . In The 1700's at some point there was a divide in the colonies and slavery was stopped . Unfortunately some of the Confederate States and some parts of The North had issues and disagreed with not having slaves .

I am not going to go into this whole process . I did plenty of research about the Civil War and how Abe Lincoln was encouraged or forced actually to allow black men to be recruited .

Slavery was over to a degree and even after The Emancipation Proclamation and The Amendment of the thirteenth which also took forever because the Confederate states did not want to abolish slavery but forced to agree so they could join The Union .

Now in 2019 people think that slavery is history but that is not true .

African Americans or black people ( I know I will never get the term right )
are free now but not totally . The truth is unfortunately that anybody who is a marginalized person / in The system is a slave .

When I say " System " I mean anybody who receives Government assistants .

Anybody who receives Food stamps , SSI or SSDI or other Government assistants is a slave because said people have to rely on The Government for support .

Some States cut your SSDI /SSI when you get married or you completely loose said benefits . The same with Food stamps . In the first years of slavery you were treated like a less human or child and had to ask for permission to get married and even have a child . The Government is not necessarily expecting you to ask for their permission however if you do get married your benefits get cut in half or you loose them completely . If you have a kid you still can loose benefits because your new spouse can be considered earning enough money .

You have to prove your disability even when it seems obvious and if you choose to try working part time because it is important to your mental health The Government gives you AGAIN a hard time and keeps even a closer eye on you !

You are just trying to live your life !

You are trying to become a productive member of society . Then again The Government has their two cents .

A Government that really cares about its Citizens should just want you to be happy and do what is right to be successful members of society but that is not the reality . It has to be on their terms .

I am also suspecting that The for fathers came up with the idea of racism to have an excuse for slavery .

I am pretty sure that we barely had a Government official who had blond hair and blue eyes but that is maybe just me not seeing the whole picture or something .

I have also noticed at least in Massachusetts that if you look like you are a part of a marginalized group then it is beyond peoples comprehension if you have plans for the future like going to College or actually have a decent job . I have seen this attitude especially from some people who work in a Government capacity AND said people actually could also have been part of a marginalized group themselves BEFORE they start working for the Government which is VERY odd to say the least .

Seriously though , We have disability activism BECAUSE we still have slavery just in a different form .

In a world without slavery , people do not have to worry about starting a family or just having a life and worrying if future plans will affect their much needed benefits that they need literally to survive !

The original idea of slavery was to punish enslaved people who are not able to perform or be productive . Now they use this same mentality to punish people who are in the system . You need permission to get medications to survive , you are not allowed to have more than a certain amount on your account because otherwise you are considered " Not qualified or over qualified for  benefits "

It is a hell of a cycle .

A free of slavery society is supposed to have the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives without asking The Government " For their blessing "

A free of slavery society should not have to ask for fair housing laws ,

Reasonable accommodations ,
Fight disability discrimination

And other issues that I cannot think of .

( My rant of 2019 )

Thank you


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