Saturday, December 21, 2019

Helping Our society

I have been in the medical field now for over 10 years .
I am also now in the holistic field for 9 years .
The reason I got trained in the holistic field is because I do not like or agree with everything research does and doctors do .
Ever since I started my freelance work in the holistic field I am either learning something new , getting insights about diseases I have limited knowledge about and or and this is most importantly ,  I am able to help my clients in ways that doctors are clueless ( I dare say that ) and iIam also getting a better understand ing of society .

I am a strong believer that modern medicine should be combined with holistic medicine because every person is different and many medications have side effects . I know that many health care establishments will disagree and say that medications are important for a persons well being . I am not denying that . However I simply disagree with the notion that you should prescribe medication just because certain medications are out there .

I can share an example about myself .
I have migraines that doctors would consider chronic . I do not consider them chronic because i only have them when i am extreemly overwhelmed .

A doctor would instantly prescribe me something even stronger than Tylenol .

I do not need anything stronger than Tylenol though .

The strongest I ever took was a red Bull . I KID YOU NOT !

I do not need a red Bull anymore .

I drink an ice coffee , hot coffee or take a Tylenol if NEEDED  or I simply take an IBUPROFEN .

I am not expecting people to follow my example . I am just stating what helps me .
I want to share examples from my holistic work without disclosing names  .
I have a few clients with various health issues . I have a client who is in her 50's and she had chronic migraine since she was 15 years old . After a holistic treatment with me said client is visiting their neurologist for a follow up just to check in .

I had a client who was worried sick about her grand baby who was at the time 5 months old . She did not have the opportunity to meet her grand baby because the grand baby was in critical condition and only the mother was allowed near the baby . This person reached pout and I was able to help . two days later the baby was able to move to another department of the hospital . I am seeing daily pictures of this sweet child that is now a toddler . The best part is that this client was FINALLY able to hold the baby in their arms !

I am currently helping a few people who have PTSD and anxiety . I do my best to help  these people but what  I am seeing is that my client's situation has more possibilities of improving if they are able to leave their toxic environment especially if it is a work environment .

I know from personal experience how hard it is to leave a toxic environment whether it is a family , or friends circle , home or work environment .
I do help my clients despite everything by at least offering strategies to cope and relaxation techniques until they are able to move on to a better / healthier work place .

I am bothered though by the fact that we will have more people with anxiety and PTSD in the coming generations because companies do not care about the well being of their employees .

I am not talking about non-profits though . Most people I work with are employed by companies that are non--profit .

At least 60 years ago there were companies that offered payed vacation and paid leave whether for health or parenting reasons .

Nowadays you only receive said benefits if you work for The Government ( Maybe )  .

Nowadays you have to work a certain amount of months or so to qualify for health insurance , vacation or other time off .

I know that some companies expect you to work over time because of whatever the company needs and employees have to cope and even when they are sick they are not allowed to stay home  DESPITE the media and everybody saying " Stay home if you are sick so you do not spread those nasty germs !"

People have to put so many hours in at work nowadays I am honestly surprised how people manage to have time to start a family or just have time for self care ( whatever that looks like ) 

People are not able to enjoy life . When you are in the medical field , police or firefighter you work a lot of hours even over time because it is your responsibility to save lives . I understand people who own stores because some people have to buy things last minute for dinner for their family. I will never understand though why even people who do not work for any of the above have to work over time .

You cannot really feel or know what it is like to live when you are constaly on the go . If you are somebody who enjoys being in movement all the time , that is great , Kuddos to you !

I am mostly concerened about people who do not get a break .

Our society will have more and more people on anxiety and PTSD medication because there is no stop to the craziness of this world and at some point the upcoming generations will not know or understand that it is possible to live without anxiety . The upcoming generations will think it is normal to have PTSD .

I also believe this affects people who have anxiety due to chemical imbalance .
I know this sounds crazy however everything that the environment does to our mind and body affects our chemistry .

My mind for instance is so used to being around toxic people that when i am not even around a toxic person my anxiety goes through the roof because I remember being in an unsafe situation and that memory affects sometimes what is happening in nthe moment even when the moment is harmless .

I realize that my post today sound crazy and I am fine with that .

I am sharing my experience as a human being , medical professional and a holistic practitioner . 

Thank you for reading


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