Monday, April 6, 2020

I am confused about Donald Trump supporters !


This is an open letter to all who are supporting Trump right now !

I do not care if you consider me rude , arrogant and disrespectful .

I am very confused about you !

I seriously want to know , what are you smoking ?!

DT is the 45th President and you are treating him and talking about him like he is God personally !

Although he is only the 45th President , I am pretty sure that each president we had in the past , was not really perfect . No president in our history was ever perfect . Whether Republican or Democrat !

Every President we ever had , there was always somebody who had something to say whether about him as a person and or politician .

I am pretty sure that even The first president ( George Washington ) had people who liked him and people who hated him . He even openly talked about stuff he did as a kid .

I have been around when Reagan and both Bushes and Clinton were Presidents .

I am not going down the rabbit hole here , however each President made some people want to choke them !

Obviously DT is not any different .

I admit that when I listen to him live on TV , I try to stay reasonable and just listen to his words , however there are more often than not moments where I listen to him and wonder if I am having hearing problems because I am shocked by what I hear comes out of his mouth .

I also find it interesting how you all are ready to defend him with your life when he says something literally insane . " How dare anybody criticize what he says !"

When another President said something that made people cringe , people did not make a fuss . It was perfectly acceptable to get mad at the president ., whether it was Clinton, either Bushes or any other President before them . Now if somebody get mad or upset with Trump , then it is a crime against humanity !

Explain why ?!

Donald trump is a human being made out of flesh and blood . He gets injured and sees a doctor like everybody else .

I have no idea where you get the idea that he is God .

It is beyond my comprehension why anything Trump says ,you act like it is the word of God . If somebody disagrees with something that Trump says , you are instantly figuratively speaking ready to fight with a sword for Trumps honor !

I have honestly never ever seen anything like this with any other President !

Thank you

Sincerely a confused person who does not understand all the euphoria around DT


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