Sunday, August 30, 2020

Presidents And Their Message to People

This may be triggering to people who hate Trump and Biden or any other president in the past ! In the past , at least before March I woukd listen to Trump once in a while on YOUTUBE , TV ( If I have time ) or on social media . To be honest , listening to Trump has started causing me a headachs . I am not saying this to validate anybodies anger towards trump or to make anybody angry who likes him . His articulation genuinly causes me a headach . The last time I listened to Trump , this must have been in April when he was talking about how people should use hand santizisers and other . I think I had a reasonable day besides being busy , but when I listened to Trump , I was getting annoyed and then a doctor came to the podium and started explaing what people should do and where to clean tables and other . I was listening and then Trump had to keep interrupting or asking for clarification although this doctor was talking to the Press ! If I was not irritated yet , well I was deffintely irritated after that encounater ! Genrally speaking when I listen to Trump , I am having a hard time understanding him , or maybe I should say that it is hard to make sens of what he saying "In the moment " . I know I am not the only one because I see more often than not people on social media expalining what Trump actually said . Here is my point ; The President should be speaking to the nation ( People ) in a way that people do not have to try to figure out or clarify what The President was talking about no matter what your level of educatuon is .! I have been around since president Reagon and you may say that I am too young to remember , however I cannot rememeber even in class when I was in 1st-6th grade , anobody asking or debating what the current President was tryig to say to the people . It does not matter if you liked the past presidents or not , You would discuss issues The president talked about and disagree with his views but you did not have to explain to somebody what he actually said . I also want to add here that when we listen to a presidents speech , we want to feel safe and know The president is doing what is needed to protect us . In the past when I listened to a President , I felt safe and listening to The president , I sensed that what the President was saying is that yes , our country , children , we all will face hardships along the way . We will experience threats and other either from inside the country or from outside the country , however the president is going to have our back and do the best possible to keep us safe and The president would encouraghe families to stick together and love each other or something along the line of what I just typed . When you listen to The President speaking , especially during a New years speech ,you instantly get a sense if he cares or is just talking because he has to as The " President " When I liatened to Trump , I felt uneasy and I kept thinking " So what is your point ?" When I listened recently to Obama give a speach shortly afterwards , I was crying because I felt care and love in the speach . It felt genuin . Again , when The President is speaking , EVERYBODY should be able to connect with the speech , not just the ones who resonate with The president . The President serves EVERYBODY . Whether you are able to level with The President conversationwise or not . I say this because I keep hearing that " those who are smart enough will understand him " . That is wrong ! The Presdient is as the Consitution or whatever says " The Presdient of The People " . Again , The President serves ALL people ! No matter what your education , sexual orientation , heritage , religion or non religion or opions are . Again ! I want to listen to a President who makes sense so that I dont have to evn use Google to find out what said President was talking about . Thank you for reading and attending my unoffical TED talk ( trying to be humerous ) . Dusya

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