Friday, May 6, 2011

The difference between Autistic and Neuro -Typicale brains

In our brains ,We have a clock with batteries ;And without the "CLOCK" our brains would not FUNCTION !!!! By Autistics is the "CLOCK " located in the Hippo campus  ,While by Neuro-Typicales or Non -spectrumites  the clock is located   WITHIN the brain  and the batteries are by Autistics long lasting e.g they last longer batteries  perse by Neuro- Typicales have limited energy !!!! Because the clock is located by Autistics in the hippocampus ,Which is the LEARNING area ,The brain of Autistics is PLASTIC  e.g they are capable to learn more and easier and generally have the desire to learn ,No matter how old they are  :)  !!!! That said, Most of the energy goes to learning  which is the reason why most Autistics learn to read in a very early age  (Between 2-4 years old ) !!!! Even if some of them do not have speech yet, They do indeed understand their environment ,They just cannot communicate in a TYPICAL way !!!! But if you would sit an Autistic child in front of a computer (Even if the child is 2-3 years old)  you could probably have a VERY productive conversation  :) !!!! The reason why many Autistics have difficulties with fine motor or large motor skills, A mathematical disorder ,Problems with eye contact ,Social skills because all that is located in different other parts of the brain and the energy in the batteries in the clock in the learning area flow less frequently in those above named areas ! While the clock by Neuro -Typicales is located  within the brain , The energy from the batteries flow in ALL directions ,But the capacity is less productive because the batterties loose faster energy  ( It is like when you have 5 arms and each of these arms is reaching out to different directions and you try to control it but then you loose focus or get stressed and you need a brake ) !!!!

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