Sunday, August 30, 2020

Presidents And Their Message to People

This may be triggering to people who hate Trump and Biden or any other president in the past ! In the past , at least before March I woukd listen to Trump once in a while on YOUTUBE , TV ( If I have time ) or on social media . To be honest , listening to Trump has started causing me a headachs . I am not saying this to validate anybodies anger towards trump or to make anybody angry who likes him . His articulation genuinly causes me a headach . The last time I listened to Trump , this must have been in April when he was talking about how people should use hand santizisers and other . I think I had a reasonable day besides being busy , but when I listened to Trump , I was getting annoyed and then a doctor came to the podium and started explaing what people should do and where to clean tables and other . I was listening and then Trump had to keep interrupting or asking for clarification although this doctor was talking to the Press ! If I was not irritated yet , well I was deffintely irritated after that encounater ! Genrally speaking when I listen to Trump , I am having a hard time understanding him , or maybe I should say that it is hard to make sens of what he saying "In the moment " . I know I am not the only one because I see more often than not people on social media expalining what Trump actually said . Here is my point ; The President should be speaking to the nation ( People ) in a way that people do not have to try to figure out or clarify what The President was talking about no matter what your level of educatuon is .! I have been around since president Reagon and you may say that I am too young to remember , however I cannot rememeber even in class when I was in 1st-6th grade , anobody asking or debating what the current President was tryig to say to the people . It does not matter if you liked the past presidents or not , You would discuss issues The president talked about and disagree with his views but you did not have to explain to somebody what he actually said . I also want to add here that when we listen to a presidents speech , we want to feel safe and know The president is doing what is needed to protect us . In the past when I listened to a President , I felt safe and listening to The president , I sensed that what the President was saying is that yes , our country , children , we all will face hardships along the way . We will experience threats and other either from inside the country or from outside the country , however the president is going to have our back and do the best possible to keep us safe and The president would encouraghe families to stick together and love each other or something along the line of what I just typed . When you listen to The President speaking , especially during a New years speech ,you instantly get a sense if he cares or is just talking because he has to as The " President " When I liatened to Trump , I felt uneasy and I kept thinking " So what is your point ?" When I listened recently to Obama give a speach shortly afterwards , I was crying because I felt care and love in the speach . It felt genuin . Again , when The President is speaking , EVERYBODY should be able to connect with the speech , not just the ones who resonate with The president . The President serves EVERYBODY . Whether you are able to level with The President conversationwise or not . I say this because I keep hearing that " those who are smart enough will understand him " . That is wrong ! The Presdient is as the Consitution or whatever says " The Presdient of The People " . Again , The President serves ALL people ! No matter what your education , sexual orientation , heritage , religion or non religion or opions are . Again ! I want to listen to a President who makes sense so that I dont have to evn use Google to find out what said President was talking about . Thank you for reading and attending my unoffical TED talk ( trying to be humerous ) . Dusya

Monday, April 6, 2020

I am confused about Donald Trump supporters !


This is an open letter to all who are supporting Trump right now !

I do not care if you consider me rude , arrogant and disrespectful .

I am very confused about you !

I seriously want to know , what are you smoking ?!

DT is the 45th President and you are treating him and talking about him like he is God personally !

Although he is only the 45th President , I am pretty sure that each president we had in the past , was not really perfect . No president in our history was ever perfect . Whether Republican or Democrat !

Every President we ever had , there was always somebody who had something to say whether about him as a person and or politician .

I am pretty sure that even The first president ( George Washington ) had people who liked him and people who hated him . He even openly talked about stuff he did as a kid .

I have been around when Reagan and both Bushes and Clinton were Presidents .

I am not going down the rabbit hole here , however each President made some people want to choke them !

Obviously DT is not any different .

I admit that when I listen to him live on TV , I try to stay reasonable and just listen to his words , however there are more often than not moments where I listen to him and wonder if I am having hearing problems because I am shocked by what I hear comes out of his mouth .

I also find it interesting how you all are ready to defend him with your life when he says something literally insane . " How dare anybody criticize what he says !"

When another President said something that made people cringe , people did not make a fuss . It was perfectly acceptable to get mad at the president ., whether it was Clinton, either Bushes or any other President before them . Now if somebody get mad or upset with Trump , then it is a crime against humanity !

Explain why ?!

Donald trump is a human being made out of flesh and blood . He gets injured and sees a doctor like everybody else .

I have no idea where you get the idea that he is God .

It is beyond my comprehension why anything Trump says ,you act like it is the word of God . If somebody disagrees with something that Trump says , you are instantly figuratively speaking ready to fight with a sword for Trumps honor !

I have honestly never ever seen anything like this with any other President !

Thank you

Sincerely a confused person who does not understand all the euphoria around DT


Friday, January 17, 2020



This is an open letter to all who are vocal about supporting sex workers  !

I applaud you for advocating for sex work to be legal because then sex work will be made safe .
I applaud you for understanding that sex workers can also be parents who need a way to support their kid/ children .

I also applaud you for knowing what sex trafficking is .
I applaud you for knowing that sex trafficking is in direct correspondence with violence .
I applaud you also for being proud of knowing the difference between sex trafficking and sex work ( I guess ?)

I applaud you for understanding that sex work is important because a lot of people struggle with loneliness
There is something that I would like to know though .

Does your " knowledge " about knowing the difference between sex trafficking and sex work also entail compassion for former sex traffic  victims who now work as sex workers because they grew up in sex trafficking and although they were saved they did not get the support they need and now do sex work because they do not know what else is out there ?

Does your " knowledge "entail understanding that not all sex workers are ok with what they do ?

Does your knowledge entail compassion for sex workers who were originally sexually abused and or raped when they were younger and maybe even have sex trauma but never got counseling and now work as sex workers because they do not know or cannot imagine what else to do with their life ?

I am not saying that sex work should be banned .
I am also not saying that sex work should be a crime because it is not !
I want you to be aware that there are so many layers to this issue , even things I will not talk about !

You cannot just say " Well this is what sex trafficking is... and this is what sex work is ..."

I just want to know if you are aware that supporting sex workers also entails understanding why they chose to be sex workers .

If you are advocating for sex workers simply because they make money and can pay their bills then please educate yourself .

If you are advocating for sex workers though because you know somebody who went through any of the above mentioned and or because you are aware of those situations and want to educate legislators so they get to hear personal stories and can do the right thing to support sex workers to actually have a safe environment and get the support they need to take care of their families ...

Then I am cheering you on and encourage you to keep up the good work !

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Helping Our society

I have been in the medical field now for over 10 years .
I am also now in the holistic field for 9 years .
The reason I got trained in the holistic field is because I do not like or agree with everything research does and doctors do .
Ever since I started my freelance work in the holistic field I am either learning something new , getting insights about diseases I have limited knowledge about and or and this is most importantly ,  I am able to help my clients in ways that doctors are clueless ( I dare say that ) and iIam also getting a better understand ing of society .

I am a strong believer that modern medicine should be combined with holistic medicine because every person is different and many medications have side effects . I know that many health care establishments will disagree and say that medications are important for a persons well being . I am not denying that . However I simply disagree with the notion that you should prescribe medication just because certain medications are out there .

I can share an example about myself .
I have migraines that doctors would consider chronic . I do not consider them chronic because i only have them when i am extreemly overwhelmed .

A doctor would instantly prescribe me something even stronger than Tylenol .

I do not need anything stronger than Tylenol though .

The strongest I ever took was a red Bull . I KID YOU NOT !

I do not need a red Bull anymore .

I drink an ice coffee , hot coffee or take a Tylenol if NEEDED  or I simply take an IBUPROFEN .

I am not expecting people to follow my example . I am just stating what helps me .
I want to share examples from my holistic work without disclosing names  .
I have a few clients with various health issues . I have a client who is in her 50's and she had chronic migraine since she was 15 years old . After a holistic treatment with me said client is visiting their neurologist for a follow up just to check in .

I had a client who was worried sick about her grand baby who was at the time 5 months old . She did not have the opportunity to meet her grand baby because the grand baby was in critical condition and only the mother was allowed near the baby . This person reached pout and I was able to help . two days later the baby was able to move to another department of the hospital . I am seeing daily pictures of this sweet child that is now a toddler . The best part is that this client was FINALLY able to hold the baby in their arms !

I am currently helping a few people who have PTSD and anxiety . I do my best to help  these people but what  I am seeing is that my client's situation has more possibilities of improving if they are able to leave their toxic environment especially if it is a work environment .

I know from personal experience how hard it is to leave a toxic environment whether it is a family , or friends circle , home or work environment .
I do help my clients despite everything by at least offering strategies to cope and relaxation techniques until they are able to move on to a better / healthier work place .

I am bothered though by the fact that we will have more people with anxiety and PTSD in the coming generations because companies do not care about the well being of their employees .

I am not talking about non-profits though . Most people I work with are employed by companies that are non--profit .

At least 60 years ago there were companies that offered payed vacation and paid leave whether for health or parenting reasons .

Nowadays you only receive said benefits if you work for The Government ( Maybe )  .

Nowadays you have to work a certain amount of months or so to qualify for health insurance , vacation or other time off .

I know that some companies expect you to work over time because of whatever the company needs and employees have to cope and even when they are sick they are not allowed to stay home  DESPITE the media and everybody saying " Stay home if you are sick so you do not spread those nasty germs !"

People have to put so many hours in at work nowadays I am honestly surprised how people manage to have time to start a family or just have time for self care ( whatever that looks like ) 

People are not able to enjoy life . When you are in the medical field , police or firefighter you work a lot of hours even over time because it is your responsibility to save lives . I understand people who own stores because some people have to buy things last minute for dinner for their family. I will never understand though why even people who do not work for any of the above have to work over time .

You cannot really feel or know what it is like to live when you are constaly on the go . If you are somebody who enjoys being in movement all the time , that is great , Kuddos to you !

I am mostly concerened about people who do not get a break .

Our society will have more and more people on anxiety and PTSD medication because there is no stop to the craziness of this world and at some point the upcoming generations will not know or understand that it is possible to live without anxiety . The upcoming generations will think it is normal to have PTSD .

I also believe this affects people who have anxiety due to chemical imbalance .
I know this sounds crazy however everything that the environment does to our mind and body affects our chemistry .

My mind for instance is so used to being around toxic people that when i am not even around a toxic person my anxiety goes through the roof because I remember being in an unsafe situation and that memory affects sometimes what is happening in nthe moment even when the moment is harmless .

I realize that my post today sound crazy and I am fine with that .

I am sharing my experience as a human being , medical professional and a holistic practitioner . 

Thank you for reading


Sunday, November 24, 2019

The history of slavery

This is going to be triggering so PLEASE do NOT read if this brings flashbacks of any sorts !

Probably sounds more like a rant !

I am finishing my research paper on Frederick Douglass . I have been writing my research paper since June of 2019 . I am specifically doing a research on how and what his role was in helping and advocating for black soldiers to to fight in The Civil War .  I am not going to go into specifics however I have discovered  a lot that is NOT covered in history books and probably never will .

In this post I will use the terms " Enslaved  black people " or " enslaved slaves " because my Social Studies Professor who is black and a few of my classmates who are also black agreed that these above mentioned terms are the most appropriate .

Throughout my research and mini history lessons we had in class , we talked about the history of racism and slavery . It blows my mind how slavery was even invented !

During discussions I realized that although history books talk about slavery , people do not realize that slavery still exists !

In the time of our for fathers who fought for our independents slavery already existed .

Slavery actually started even before Christopher Columbus showed up . He did take Native Americans as slaves however slavery is a European concept that has existed even in European countries !

Black people were sold and taken to European countries until at some point a new law was created to stop buying slaves .

In America slavery started with Columbus using Native people as slaves until The Native people were freed either by dying from diseases that actually Europeans brought to America or by in human treatment by slave owners .

Later Colonist took Irish people then Chinese people ( I cannot remember who first ) .

Some of our for fathers are horrible and in human people !

Later they enslaved people from parts of Africa . In The 1700's at some point there was a divide in the colonies and slavery was stopped . Unfortunately some of the Confederate States and some parts of The North had issues and disagreed with not having slaves .

I am not going to go into this whole process . I did plenty of research about the Civil War and how Abe Lincoln was encouraged or forced actually to allow black men to be recruited .

Slavery was over to a degree and even after The Emancipation Proclamation and The Amendment of the thirteenth which also took forever because the Confederate states did not want to abolish slavery but forced to agree so they could join The Union .

Now in 2019 people think that slavery is history but that is not true .

African Americans or black people ( I know I will never get the term right )
are free now but not totally . The truth is unfortunately that anybody who is a marginalized person / in The system is a slave .

When I say " System " I mean anybody who receives Government assistants .

Anybody who receives Food stamps , SSI or SSDI or other Government assistants is a slave because said people have to rely on The Government for support .

Some States cut your SSDI /SSI when you get married or you completely loose said benefits . The same with Food stamps . In the first years of slavery you were treated like a less human or child and had to ask for permission to get married and even have a child . The Government is not necessarily expecting you to ask for their permission however if you do get married your benefits get cut in half or you loose them completely . If you have a kid you still can loose benefits because your new spouse can be considered earning enough money .

You have to prove your disability even when it seems obvious and if you choose to try working part time because it is important to your mental health The Government gives you AGAIN a hard time and keeps even a closer eye on you !

You are just trying to live your life !

You are trying to become a productive member of society . Then again The Government has their two cents .

A Government that really cares about its Citizens should just want you to be happy and do what is right to be successful members of society but that is not the reality . It has to be on their terms .

I am also suspecting that The for fathers came up with the idea of racism to have an excuse for slavery .

I am pretty sure that we barely had a Government official who had blond hair and blue eyes but that is maybe just me not seeing the whole picture or something .

I have also noticed at least in Massachusetts that if you look like you are a part of a marginalized group then it is beyond peoples comprehension if you have plans for the future like going to College or actually have a decent job . I have seen this attitude especially from some people who work in a Government capacity AND said people actually could also have been part of a marginalized group themselves BEFORE they start working for the Government which is VERY odd to say the least .

Seriously though , We have disability activism BECAUSE we still have slavery just in a different form .

In a world without slavery , people do not have to worry about starting a family or just having a life and worrying if future plans will affect their much needed benefits that they need literally to survive !

The original idea of slavery was to punish enslaved people who are not able to perform or be productive . Now they use this same mentality to punish people who are in the system . You need permission to get medications to survive , you are not allowed to have more than a certain amount on your account because otherwise you are considered " Not qualified or over qualified for  benefits "

It is a hell of a cycle .

A free of slavery society is supposed to have the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives without asking The Government " For their blessing "

A free of slavery society should not have to ask for fair housing laws ,

Reasonable accommodations ,
Fight disability discrimination

And other issues that I cannot think of .

( My rant of 2019 )

Thank you


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Politicians are scary because they are human !

Some people while growing up or when they grow up they look at politicians and think that politicians are perfect meaning they are smart and went to the BEST schools and ALWAYS know what they are talking about . And some people grow up thinking that politicians are all the above mentioned but then have a so called " Wake up call " and realize that politicians are just like you and me . Then there are people who know all along that politicians are just like you and me .

I have no intention whatsoever to talk about the current President . That would be a whole other ball game rant for another blog post .

However i do want to talk about a recent experience I had during a two day training at my local Government building . It was incredibly profound and eye opening for me !

This past week I took a two day class called " Citizens Legislative Seminar " ( CLS ) .

The first day was orientation and hearing from Clerks and a few Senators AND The Senate President personally !

Each shared their story and how they handle their differences between Republicans and Democrats and how they discuss issues about bills that need to be voted on .

I realize we ( Attendees of this seminar ) only had a glimpse at a few Senators and some were Republicans and some were Democrats and they actually were quite respectful with each other and one Republican shared how he would respectfully discuss a bill he did not approve of with a democrat who was very supportive and wanted to understand the perspective of said Senator . His exact words were " Listen , tell me . What am I missing here ? What am I not seeing ?"

After a break we did a simulation of testifying about the bill on plastic bags ( The ban of plastic bags ) with a Senator who wanted to show us how this testifying process works .

On the next day we did a more interesting simulation . Each attendee was a Senator of their town and each of us had the responsibility to ask questions , share a bill that should be amended ( Changed or improved ) or share concerns about said amendment .

The subject again was the bill about plastic bags .

I was obviously The Senator of my town " Representing the people of my town "

The Senate President was presiding over this bill hearing and we had to Adress The Senate President when we wanted to speak up . A few " Senators " came up with an Amendment for the plastic bag bill . Changes they wanted to see get passed . At The Senate hearing , it was interesting to listen to each person and their suggestions .

One Senator was very focused on banning plastic bags altogether and instead offering reusable bags that could be purchased and had to be washable ( Possibly in a wash machine ) .

A Senator presented a change of the bill in way that could possibly improve the environment and help people who are elderly / Low income / Fixed income / Disabled .

Another Senator suggested that people should collect bottles and cans and use that money to pay for plastic bags or any grocery bag that is being given out at stores .

Again another Senator was far more focused on having washable renewable bags . ( seemed to be her main priority )

I decided to speak up and share my concerns about the ban in itself and the washable bags and about collecting bottles and cans .

I shared my concern by explaining that although there are many people in my state and my city who get a stable paycheck and do not have to worry much about spending money on a grocery bag , But also there are a lot of elderly and disabled people and low income families who cannot afford to pay for a bag . Some people need to buy a snack to digest easier their medication and cannot afford to pay additionally for a bag   ( Sorry for TMI ! ) and possibly need a plastic bag because they cannot hold something in their hand due to a disability and other . Some people are not able to carry a bag with them all the time again due to mobility issues and other and although there are people who collect bottles and cans again NOT everybody is able to do such .

Thankfully another " Senator "suggested that people on foodstamps or other government assistants should be excempt from paying for a  grocery bag .

A lot of people were in favor of improving the bill for said population thankfully and the bill was " passed " with said improvements .

Of course there were a couple who were opposed for their own reasons .

It was definetely an interesting experience and The Senate President wanted us to see what had just transpired and wanted us to understand that actual Senators could talk about a bill the exact same way we all did .

Any of us could be a Senator and disagree or agree with a bill that could actually benefit everybody or or only a certain population based upon our personal beliefs or interests .

The BEST part of this entire experience was that we were all respectful of each other and did not insult or degrade each other after this meeting .

I honesty wish all State Representatives and Senators could be civil /Respectful .

Senators can be jerks and or good people just like us .

Thank you for reading


Friday, August 30, 2019

America's History of Slavery


I have been working on a research paper about The 54th and 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and and came to a HORRENDOUS conclusion .

I apologize in advance for what I am about to say and I realize it sounds despicable . I do not have though a better way to describe this !

I will not talk about America in general because this country has ALWAYS been divided on various issues .

I will say though that some of The  American Culture has a STRANGE LOVE relationship to slavery .

If you think that slavery is over then unfortunately I have to say based upon my continuing research , Slavery is still continuing in The U.S ! It is just called differently or people view it differently .

I am not going to look at all my notes but I assure you that you can find lots of information from credible sources on this issue . And I apologize as well for not remembering " What country was first "

I will start by saying that America was build on slavery by those who discovered America  , By The people who came first to this continent .

First Natives were taken as slaves till they fought back so well that The first people had to give up .

Then after a century Irish and Chinese people immigrated to America between 1820-1860 and some or a lot of Chinese and Irish immigrants were enslaved .

Also black people were bought by The American Government from a part of Africa ( I think Nigeria )
and sold and enslaved . 

I am using The term " Enslaved because many of my classmates who are black said that " Enslaved felt more appropriate "

At some point slave owners lost interest in Chinese or Irish people ( Not going into detail here )
and had black slaves ( For a lack of better wording )

I am well familiar with how despicable black people , Families and children were treated . I still shudder when i think about my research paper and books I read recently from eye witnesses !

I know from stories I heard about my family in Europe that people were NEVER enslaved in my family nor their friends . But I still want to apologize for all that your families went through !

I am getting off track here .

According to my research Slavery was first partly ended with The Emancipation Proclamation by Abe Lincoln and then there was The Thirteenth Amendment that had to be ratified by The former Confederate States who still to this day are NOT happy with The change in The constitution .

Sorry for The rant !

Anyways , Although slavery of black people was abolished in 1867 and black people were free and allowed to be citizens , The war was not over because there was still a need to fight for black peoples rights to have basic human rights . MLK .J. and Rosa parks .

What I see now though is that although there are more rights to a degree , Slavery is STILL existing !

Many black people still have to struggle in some parts of America to just own a house despite no legal issue because of The Government .

What I also see is that The new form of slavery is being on Government Assistance .

If you are on SSI or SSDI , You are in The system and The Government decides how much money you receive , How much food stamps you receive ( Even with children ) and if you dare to get a job they will decide if you can receive some government assistance while holding a part time job .

You have to answer for every step you take .

Even if you are ar as clean as snow or do not have a criminal record , They are just looking for a way to punish you !

You are not allowed to save money because they watch your bank account and if you have an IRA or some kind of savings then they want to know how you got The money and where from and cut their payments .

Also you cannot really live where you want unless you have family then can help out .

Also they make an issue if you are disabled and have a kid supposedly because they are concerned about The child's welfare .

You have to free yourself from government assistants with a lot of luck and support  !

I know there are more whys how they keep you trapped , But cannot remember .

I am done with my official rant / Done venting

Thank you