Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Past , Present And Society

Racism has exsisted and still exsists !

Anti-Semiticism has exsisted and still exsists  !

Those two issue never vanished .

They have always been there !

The only difference is that throughout The years The above mentioned issues get louder or go silent depending on how people treat each other during various episodes of life .

Right now people are so full of hatred and bitterness again  !

It is sometimes hard to be yourself  !

If you do not watch something related to any of The above mentioned issues then you are considered racist or anti-Semitic.

If you choose to watch a movie based upon said subject then you are eventually judges by some people for pretending support minority groups !

It breaks my heart to see all this hate in The world !

People were supposed to learn from The past and not repeat or be even more hateful and spiteful  :( !

Please  ! Instead of focusing on hatred,  Focus on your friends and or family who are supportive !

Thank you


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Israel , Palestine And children with various disabilities

I went yesterday to a talk by Alice Rothchild at The Harvard Coop .

She is a physician,  Author,  American Jew , Feminist and human rights activist.

Before I continue,  I want to emphasize that I am neither pro Israel nor pro Palestine !

I have Jewish friends and I think I know some people from Palestine,  But too sure.

Besides their language,  Religious beliefs and culture,  If I can reason with said people,  That is all I care about.

So back to my experience from said talk  ;

Alice Rothchild was talking about her annual trips to Palestinian refugee camps .

I admit that I am barely informed about what is going on over there !

I remember as a child hearing about a lot of shooting and other in Gaza and that there has been a war between Palestinians and Jews for decades  !

My late grandfather talked all The time about what was happening in various countries in Europe,  Australia and various places like Kuwait and neighborhood in Africa  .

My mother visited some places in Israel when she was young and tokd me that there was an ongoing war , But she and The others were too far away from border lines ( Or whatever it is called ) to see any shootings and what not .

By The way , I am aware that I am not always using The right terms and you may correct me , But it takes me a while to get it , Meaning I am a bit slow in catching up .

Anyways,  I have heard about Israel and everything involved in their history for years  !

I studied at some point The history of Isrsel and Palestine in my own and came to The conclusion that said war is,based upon miss interpretations of The Bible and Koran .

But after listening to Alice Rothchild,  I am completely baffled and cannot really find The words to explain my shock  !

The war is disgusting and it has worsened over The years !

I do not know really what is happening on The Jewish side , But on The side of The refugee camps , It is horrifying  !

Besides that there are a couple of refugee camps and depending on what border you live , You receive in school The education that is permitted by The school district  , But hearing that boys are targeted on a daily basis and The military does not give a damn about The age is beyond shocking  !

A boy who is maybe only 7 or younger can actually get arrested for suspicions of throwing rocks at a Military vehicle  !

Some boys do not even know if they will live The next day because you never know when you either will get physically injured or even killed by an officer  !

Girls appearantly have it easier and can go to The University when they are old enough but many of these people live every single day in danger , Because because a male family member can get arrested in The middle of The night due to suspension I have already mentioned  !

Literature and history is forbidden to study because it supposedly brings ideas to young people and even when a boy gets arrested,  There are no real judges  !

Military staff is trained in law and barely pay attention to The suspect amd it is pyre luck if a boy gets only 5 months of prison as opposed to 5 years or more !

Not sure which refugee camps exactly or maybe at all of them , The I.D of little boys are taken away by The military  ( Not sure what reason ) and said boys are barely able to defend themselves  !

Girls are not able to be properly educated in terms of health care and other  !

While listening to this and other shocking stories,  I had to think of all The disabled children in those areas,  Autistic and other!

There are barely recources for said children out there !

There were a couple of Jewish women in The audience who knew The personally and I heard that some of these women actually are traveling to visit these refugee camps to educate and families about Human Rights and other

Alice Rothchild mentioned that The United Nations is in The loop about what is happening and that obviously all The arrests are illegal!  But not much can be done because there is not enough countries reaching out to The Palestine Government AND The Israel Government especially The Right wing part of both Governments that are at fault for The ongoing war !

Thank you


Monday, February 13, 2017

Hollywood And Politics

There is a lot of controversy around Hollywood actor's and politics right now because some people do not like or are offended by comments made by emmy award winners.

Although some comments by actors are open for misinterpretation,  Many people who are insulted are proposing that actors stay out of politics  .

What The majority of people are maybe not aware of is that actor's have always contributed to politics and have been actually considered better diplomars than actual diplomats and politicians !

Especially in trying times like The end 40's , Many countries did not reach out because due to Hitler a lot of damage was done in The political climate .

Also even way before The world knew about Hitler  , Even in The time Napoleon Bonaparte,  Actors were The best diplomats in history  !

When there was an issue between Napoleon and a foreign country and please keep in mind that Napoleon was almost as hated more or less than Hitler or other dictators  , When an actor was invited to perform,  Napoleon was so impressed by said actor that a trade that was originally considered out of question was suddenly much considered and foreign affairs were taken on .

Or even during other political debates between countries,  Even sports was used to recover a political dispute between countries  !

By The way,  I am not saying that people should not be offended by comments that some actors make , I am just saying to kerp in mind that actors generally contribute to The wellbeing of a country .

Thank you for reading


Monday, February 6, 2017

The Psychology Of Admiring Donald Trump

It is quite obvious that The world is divided in its opinion of Donald Trump .

One part of The world wants to Donald Trump to step down as President because he is ruining The diplomatic relationship between The U.S and all countries that want a collaboration with The U.S for The gain of humanity  .

Not letting immigrants with legal permanent status and even naturalized U.S citizens enter The U.S based upon rules that do not make any sense nor are constitutional,  Stopping agricultural and economical business relationships with certain foreign countries,  Womens rights , Civil rights and you name it ;

All The above are obvious reasons to want Donald Trump to step down .

But The other side loves and adores Donald Trump !

Some men seem to admire him because he represents something that they want to be and I am not talking necessarily about his beliefs,  But rather his personality and his life style !

I think The same goes for some of The women who adore him.

They love his charisma  !

At least I think that is what some women see when they look at him .

The attractive part about him is his endless amount of bank accounts , How he dresses , His hobbies  ( Golfing and other ) , His travel custom ( Any country that is considered exotic ) and he seems to take a plane to wherever he wants and when he wants .

I know this is all superficial,  But some people care really more about The above mentioned than anything else !

Said qualities make you blind to all The struggles that you see in The media and or experience in your environment  .

From an intellectual standpoint,  I am fascinated by this phenomenon and find it interesting,  But from a human perspective and having a consciousness,  I am terrified  , Scared :( !

Thank you


Sunday, January 29, 2017

The New Government And Our Society

I am not sure if people have noticed,  But The new President and his soon to be cabinet are literally a mirror of our current society !

Meaning everything we hate about our current society,  Is now represented at The White House and and The new cabinet members .

Ignorance or bigotry,  Hate , Jealousy , People who pretend to care .

Whatever you do not like about The people in your environment,  May it be your next door neighbor,  Your colleague , Your boss or if you have children then your child's teacher ; All those qualities that make you shake your head in disbelief are now being representrd by The new President and his cabinet .

The new President is one of those people who will say that he has a heart for homeless people,  Take a selfie while giving a child  $20 and then expect The entire country to admire him .

I know that many politicians do that , But in his case it actually goes to The extreme because he would probably post his picture personally on social media and then wait to see people on social media responding to his picture in awe and admiration.

The majority of his cabinet has no clue about people and their lives,  But will tell you how to live your life and what not to do and have no intention to listen to you evenif you have good reasons to object to their so called opinions.

I could go on and on , But seriously  !

Anything that people you know in day to day life do and makes you feel helpless,  Frustrated or just angry is now represented in The Government  !

I find this mind blowing !

Thank you


Friday, January 20, 2017

The New President

The United States of America has a new President  and America is literally DIVIDED in regards to The new President  !

There are people who are beyond disgusted and there are people are actually ignoring his policies and just look at him as The great guy these people seem to perceive him .

Nevermind that notion about The new President is even divided AROUND THE WORLD !

Those who support him want everybody to give him a chance despite him announcing his goals as new President  which sound a lot like partly in The 1930s and partly like during The century when The U.S was divided into colonies .

He wants each State Government to make their own decisions in regards to individual policies .

Before The U.S became United,  It was all colonies and each colony made decisions in regards to racism,  Healthcare , Education and other.

Although we already have The issue that each state has its own notions about said policies , But right now or till now The Federal Government had The last word .

Now if The Federal Government indeed will step down from governing each state individually then it is possible or probable that we will have something similar to what we had in 1840 for instance.

Also  I find interesting that although reasons for disproving of The President is all over The media,  The new President is ridiculously oblivious to people's concerns .

Thank you for reading


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Science Of Autism

PThere are many Autism Conferences around The world .

Every year there is at least one Autism Conference in a city somewhere in The world  ! 

Does not matter what country and city you are in , There is definitely an Autism Conference.

These conferences are designed to educate about Autism ( Makes sense,  Right? )  .

But The issue with these conferences is that at these conferences you will about how an Autistic brain differes from an non Autistic brain .

A few non Autistic researchers and Psychologist who know about Autism because they have a kid or relative who us Autistic.  There are actually Autistic researchers as well but very few and they do not really get to talk about what causes melt downs in Autistic people and children. Mostly they are asked to talk about The EXISTENCE of meltdowns and anger and fear .

Autistic adults and parents and other researchers attend these conferences to learn something new about Autism as science.  Autistic adults though attend said conferences to learn how to cope with meltdowns.

Sure ,Autistic adults meet other Autistic adults and socialize,  Which is great  !

But from my experience and I have attended a couple of Autism related conferences , Autistic people attend said conference hoping to hear how about coping skills when you are scared , Exhausted or overwhelmed.

Many Autistic people and children have enormous difficulties with changes! 

It is hard for many Autistic to adjust ti new situations and environments !

Some Autistic do learn to go with the flow ( If so to speak ) , But it is still extremely frustrating and hard !

I know that non Autistic people also struggle with changes , But some people I noticed manage to adjust after a while.

I have had a few conversations with people in The past that always puzzled me .

I would tell someone thatI am exhausted and that I have not had a break in two weeks and The responses I would hear would be " Oh , I am sorry to hear that ! Hope it gets better !" Or I would hear " Oh ! That sucks ! Hope it gets better !"  and after these comments I guess people just talk about what made their week so exhausting and you feel better afterwards  . This kind of conversation does not make much sense to me personally. 

I have never heard though someone say " I am sorry you are so tired ! Have you thought about taking a look at your calendar and committing to a certain day to have just for yourself. Watch TV , Read a book or just take a walk or anything that makes you feel good ?"

I have never heard anybody say The above mentioned  !

Of course if people feel great after just talking about their problems,  Good for them , Honestly  !

But I hope that there are also plenty of people out there who actually want to rest .

I know our society focuses on being active around The clock except for The night,  But many Autistic people are not able to and convincing them to go with The clock makes them physically and mentally sick  .

And unfortunately at Autism conferences you do not learn to cope with stress .

And squeeze balls are effective,  But only to an extent  .

Thank you for reading