Friday, October 7, 2016

The American Red Cross

I am a Red Cross volunteer since October 2012 .

I volunteer as Administrator,  Blood Drive Ambassador and Serving The Armed Forces Ambassador.

I do not get to travel to places where a fire breaks out or flooding because I do not feel physically fit do take on said responsibilities.

I hear stories from my fellow volunteers who traveled even to The Philippines after The earthquake.

They bring blankets,  Food , Water , Medicine and clothes to people who lost most of their livelyhood .

I hear stories from fello volunteers how they often have to negotiate with authorities to even provide with essentials because The Government officials ignore The presence of The Red Cross upon arrival .

I remember last month I drove with a Disaster Service volunteer to an event and we were barely able to pass despite that The police was present and saw us  !

I was puzzled and my partner who drove The vehicle said that this was not surprising because he actually experienced worse in another country where was providing assistance.  I do not remember which country he spoke about,  But he mentioned there was an emergency and they put sirens in , But The local police and other cars still did not let them through.

I am still shocked !

I shared this with another volunteer who I enjoy working with and her response was " They are only human " My fellow volunteer is right about being human , But it still breaks my heart !

I meet sometimes people whom I tell that I volunteer with The American Red Cross and then they share stories of how thankful they are for surviving a fire and loosing their home and that they had a place to stay afterwards and settle back into life.  I want to share their stories , But due to consent issues and other I can only share by spreading The word .

And then seeing The media coverage and people calling The Red Cross a scam , It breaks my heart  :( !

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Election 2016 -2017

I have no intention to say who I am voting for although people maybe will assume it is obvious from this post , But I do not care .

I do not have a TV , But from what I have heard so far from friends regarding The recent Presidential debate I am not even sorry that I did not watch said debate.

I do not care at this point if The media is responsible for The nonsense that we hear from The Republican candidate and or if it is said Republican candidate responsibility what we hear from him !

I have no intention to listen to a candidate who is more qualified to have a role in a sitcom like Seinfeld or Two And A Half Men or other more recent shows .

And The reason I am mentioning these sitcomes is because The Presidential election has unfortunately turned to an entertainment industry as opposed to a serious election discussing issues relating to our country may it be domestic or foreign.

I have listened to The Democratical nominee and Republican nominee on YOUTUBE and noticed that  besides The gender difference ,  Also a difference in speech and mannerisms  .

Although both candidates went to College,  The Republican candidate has The vocabulary of probably a 6th grader .

I am maybe mistaken,  But definitely elementary school level vocabulary  .

I know that there are many Americans who are voting for The Republican candidate. 

Right now I will not discuss why or bad mouth them for doing so , But I will look at The Republican party itself and wonder WHY ?! with a capital WHY and exasperation !

The Republican party is,paying close attention to their nominee and they pay close attention to The media coverage  . They see that their nominee is embarrassing them on an ongoing basis!  They see The media reporting everything that their nominee sais and does and how insulting some of his speeches are  !

It is beyond me how they can sit there and watch their nominee being reported for racist,  Ableist comments etc..  ! The White House is The most important and prestigious appointment in The U.S !

Being President of The United States is The most important and prestigious position in The U.S  !

The Republican party is supposed to be proud of their nominee and feel pride in their nominee  !  How can they sit there and observe all The embarrassing and humiliating moments and wait to see what happens next  ?!

How can they sit and watch knowing that The ENTIRE world is watching us right now during The election with more media coverage than I care to count ?!

I do not see any logic in their  passivness !

I am just baffled 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The year 2016

Although I realize that every century has it's pros and cons , But I feel very deeply about what I am experiencing from The early 80's till July 2016 .

Society,  Education system,  Workforce etc...

Public transportation is now accessible EVERYWHERE or almost everywhere in The U.S  especially since The mid 80's

Although I was driven everywhere by car by my late father or by friends of my father or people who knew my grandparents.

My father was convinced that you cannot get anywhere without a car in The U.S

My mother had then The tendency to say " Well , When Dusya turns 16,17 or 18 she get a driver's license "

I cannot afford one yet , But I still want to get a license.

After I graduated High school and started working at MGH I learned differently meaning you can easily get a train or bus to MGH depending on where you live  !

So transportation is easy to an extent and I say to an extent because some places in Malden , Quincy,  Burlington , Melrose and or a little further you still need a car .

Throughout my childhood I barely had connection to people who lived in houses unless I was in NY or Washington D.C visiting my grandparents . So I probably would have never met people I know if it were not for public transportation .

I have been in neighborhoods where it was piecefull and no drugs or shooting and where I have seen above mentioned.

Regarding education,  There have always been two kind of schools

Good schools in good neighborhoods and schools in less fortunate neighborhoods .

Although The better schools offered more opportunities for College,  But still you could get in different school settings a good education  ( At least in my experience ) .

And with special ed. Also I cannot remember issues.

Regarding housing,  Families had priority for section 8 and although I am not exactly sure how it was for single adults , But I do remember that getting housing was easier.

Now since The late 90's ( I think ) or 2000 life started going downhill .

It is harder to get housing unless you are an M.D or have a Bachelor or Masters or at least harder to rent a,reasonable apartment.

Now if you live in a good neighborhood you have issues with special ed , But somewhat easier  ( At least from what I heard )  , But if you live in a less fortunate neighborhood,  The teachers and The Department of Education complain about funding issues and you also seem to need permission to be disabled  ( Partly sarcasm,  Partly serious )

Also standardized testing

It probably exists since The 80's but it looks to me like children in school Whatever they learn in school they Probably need a College degree to understand The new tools offered to learn math and other subjects ( Again partly sarcastic, Partly serious and also shocked )

And now all these shootings and wars one after another in practically every week somewhere either in The U.S or in The world

Social media has enough news coverage so this The first time I am glad not to have a TV because it is sickening to see these news !

The education system is going downwords and people are loosing their common sense and we have all these wars !

Just food for thought

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Humanity And Society

I was told recently that it is natural for people to want to socialize .

I have to this phrase every other day and and a most recent occasion !

I was with to female friends and one of them said " I am resting , But should I not be out socializing ?" And what caught me off guard was The way she said it .
.she looked guilty !

Although I told her that it is OK to take a break , But it totally caught me off guard that she felt guilty for not being social !

I did not ask her why she was sad about not socializing , But I thought to myself " How can you be devastated about not socializing  ?!"

Although I understand that it is important for a person's  wellbeing to socialize from a psychological and social standpoint,  But I honestly think it is an OVERKILL to socialize every minute of The day ( If so to speak )

I know also that every person is different  .

Some people need a lot of social for their self esteem and some people only needto socialize once in a while .

I have The impression that our society expects people to be social as soon as they wake up and end socializing when they go to bed .

People socialize everywhere !

At home  ( If a family exists ) or care giver , In The neighborhood,  At school  ( Kindergarten,  Elementary,  Middle and Highschool ) and maybe College  ( For those who go to College ) and Work place and definitely church or whatever Religious institution people attend ( If they do ) .

40 years ago or more people mostly socialized at home , Parties and at entertainment locations like The Circus and or Theatre ( For those who went )

People did not socialize much at work except for a good morning , Have a nice day and have a good evening.

Nowadays you socialize EVERYWHERE.

And as I mentioned earlier in this post there are some people who find great importance in socializing and there are some people who can do quite well without.

But The issue with our present society is that appearantly if you do not feel like socializing then something is wrong with you . Some people get asked " How are you ? , Are you not feeling well ? "

It is appearantly beyond comprehension that you simply do not enjoy socializing as much as others.

I personally had to experience ridiculous situations where a friend of mine considered me very shy because I was not talking much to people at a party .

This memory almost makes me laugh because I was immediately introduced to another woman at The party who was considered to be very shy and my friend suggested that we take a walk to get some fresh air and so I went with this woman and boy was she talkative  !

I was listening to her throughout our walk and I had to think to myself  " This is what people consider shy ? " . Needless to say I barely said a word throughout our walk ;)

I do admit that I was shy as a child,  But I definitely think that my shyness changed into introvert.

I can socialize for a bit , But then It is enough.

I volunteer in an office and I barely talk to anyone except when I have a question and it is really like vacation for me :) !

Thank you for reading  !


Thursday, February 25, 2016

History vs Present vs Future

We study History in school because first of all it is part of our curiculum and seconds because we are supposed to learn from The past to make a better future .

It has been a while since I graduated and I cannot exactly remember what reason our teacher gave us as to WHY we have History in class and I do not know if teachers nowadays tell their students WHY they have to study History.

What I do know for sure is that it is important to learn for exams in History to pass and to have a good grade and it is needed to so you can easier apply for future jobs and or College .

I think  it is very important to emphasize to students that they study history BECAUSE History repeats itself from century to century !

Because then students will understand History better and it will subconsciously give them a sense of responsibility to create a better future which is The ultimate goal !

We have every year a holiday in remembrance of The Holocaust to keep us mindful of what happened and HOW it happened.

And to make sure it NEVER happens again !

Now we have a Presidential election coming up and sad to say we have a candidate who resembles in his views The Nazie leader who I will NOT name here as to not trigger anybody and The saddest part is that he has a lot of fans !

It is horrific !

Although I am still young , I have heard throughout my life politicians and mainstream mm people say " This is The U.S ! What happened in Europe will NEVER happen in The United States ! We are a welcoming and democratic and liberal country !"

And NOW in 2016 we have THIS candidate and he seems to have a horrific amount of supporters  !

I am shaking my head in sadness and my heart aches :(

Thank you for reading


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Anti -Depressant , Meditation and other equivalent approaches

People reading The title will be surprised why I am writing about Anti - Depressant and Meditation

From.a medical standpoint anti - Depressant helps stabilize The chemical inbalance in The brain that causes depression which is true .

But what doctors and psychiatrists are ignoring is the fact that ant - Depressant has become FASHIONABLE if so to speak only in the past aproximately 20 years .

People have had depression for decades !

Doctors used to recommend walks in The forest , Change of diet , Change of environment or change of social life .

Some of it helped and some of it did not .

Nowadays if you say you have depression , Your doctor immediately prescribes anti - Depressant as opposed to discussing with you in dept about what is happening in your life and even if they do ask you about you t life , They still prescrib anti - Depressant as if that were The solution to ALL worldly problems !

There are two different reasons for depression ; 1)

Chemical inbalance that can be caused by varius brain injuries or simply by an on born chemical in balance in The brain anything related to The immune system/  Immune deficiancy .


Beyond stressful environment including work , Family,  Social / Relationship and or living environment .

Any of the above mentioned can cause anxciety and or depression !

Many people take anti - Depressant to calm their mind which makes perfect sense !
But ! And yes I have a HUGE BUT !

Anti - Depressant does NOT work o t help EVRYONE !

If anti -Depressant does not help , Then try something NON chemical like healthy diet , Excersis or Meditation and or Yoga .

And I will admit that even the last ones I mentioned will not be efficient if you are affected by your environment meaning if your environment causes you to be sick then you have to change your environment .

Unfortunately sometimes it is difficult to change your environment when it is not in your hands meaning when you cannot choose due to lack of funds or other obstakles that are beyond your control.

Thank you for reading !


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

God And Raising Children

I am now since almost 4 months a Nursery leader at a non denominational church that still includes Jesus and his teachings .

I lead The Nursery with a couple and despite that non of us has children of our own , Many parents are full of gratitude and praise .

But that is actually beside the point ( Just short background information)  .

Anyways , I cannot help but observe the parents and how they seem to raise the children.

In my time ( 1981-2000) or at least till 19 95 discipline was part of raising children.  I was never spanked , But I was raised with assertiveness and patients and love .

These children in Nursery though seem or at least some of them obviously NEVER heard the word no .

I do understand that parents are thought that these are God's children and that they are innocent and all , But from my perspective that does not mean that they should not be disciplined .

I am.not thinking here as a religious person or atheist,  I am using common sense .

Even The old testament,  People who go to read the 10 commandements, But that does not mean they immediately stop lying , Stealing or anything else that The testament talks about !

It is the parents job to teach their children right from wrong by saying no when necessary and those who teach children,  But not GOD !

Parents and teachers in religious institutions are supposed to follow the teachings of The leader and use their own mind as well .

Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility and if you are religious,  You do NOT hand that responsibility to GOD ! You let God GUIDE YOU by following what you remember from your own child hood that you appreciated and what you have seen other parents do that was impressive.

Thank you for reading