Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Domestic violence , Rape AND Abuse

Anytime a man or woman or Transgender and or anybody who identifies as an LGBTQ  person reports any of The above mentioned , Said individual gets sent to see a therapist to " Talk about it " . My issue with this advice is that being listened to , Will NOT solve The problem !

Having said that , You " talk about it " and then go back to where you are being hurt and it starts all over again !

I myself have been LISTENING and wondering "  WHY would you stay with a person or partner  who does this to you ?! "

You MUST learn self respect AND Self love to leave such a horrible environment !

It took me a long time to understand The WHY !

I have been watching The news daily about immigration regulations , Housing support and shelter offers and people suggesting to talk to a social worker .

People who go through domestic violence and or other get often The advice to go a shelter or talk to a lawyer .

And although people do not understand how everything is interconnected , But if you listen to stories of people who went through some sort of violence , You will hear that some of these people do not leave because they do not want to go to a shelter , Some of them are worried about loosing their green card or other because they are married to The person who is hurting them and they are afraid that The court will side with the person hurting them due to legal reasons .

Especially when children are involved !

Some people will rather stay in an abusive situation because they do not want to go into a shelter because they heard horror stories !

And although there is assistance for victims of domestic abuse in regards to housing , but sometimes  The list is ridiculously LONG although it is an emergency situation !
Having said all this , On one hand listening is definetely helpful for people who went through or still are getting raped , Abused or going through domestic violence especially from The person they live with , But on The other hand havimg somebody to talk to about what is happening is NOT enough !

The system has to be changed !

Housing laws have to be improved !

Immigration laws have to be improved so that people who have a visa or green card through their partner CAN stay in The U.S and live a productive life without having to depend on their partner or spouse !

If The system would be improved in said areas then there would be less issues with shelters as well because most people who stay in shelters have gone through various traumatic situations as well !

Men and women and Transgender and or anybody who identifies as LGBTQ  !

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Political Correctness And other Nonsense

I was born in The early 80's .

Throughout my ENTIRE school life , I NEVER had classmates who were all white or blond with blue eyes .

Not sure what people say nowadays about what it was like growing up in Boston , MA between 1980-2011 , But I personally cannot remember ever being around only WHITE people .

Besides being around different cultures when I visited my grandparents in Washington D.C and NY because they LOVED and cherished their inter-cultural friendships , I grew up around jews , Turkish people who were either muslim or Christian , People from Arabic countries or people who came from different arabic speaking countries where people also were either Christian or muslim , Greek people , Russian and people from The former Yugoslavian ( I apologize if I misspell any of The countries ! No matter how hard I tried to learn correct spelling and pronounciation , I had to be corrected CONSTANTLY ) .

I had a best friend when  I was a little girl , He was born here , But his parents and grandparents were from Greec .

In first grade , It was a mix of children who were although they were born here , But their parents were from some eastern Asian country , A few children who were blond with blue eyes , A few black children and a few who's parents were from Puerto Rico .

In second garde , Some children moved away and we had again a mix ,

We had les white children with dark hair but more black children and and a few Puerto Rico children . AND I had a black teacher who was never tired of educating us about The color of our skin !

We had children in class who would call each other name sBECAUSE of somebody was black or did not look Puerto Rican enough . We had plenty of discussions about racism and what that means
If a student acted racist , said was put in The corner and said student would cry . Our black teacher was stern but gentle at the same time .

Our black teacher would explain racism and why it is wrong by pointing to her own brown skin
" Many of us in this classroom have a different skin color , But that does not mean that any of us is better or worse than anybody in this class with a different skin color ! What matters is what is in our heart and how  we treat people !"

Then in 4th grade we had a few children with dark hair and blond hair . we had students now from former Yogoslavia .

I had a few muslim children in my class .

Then in middle school again I cannot remember being around ONLY kids from Boston or Massachusetts in general .

Middle and High school , A couple of us white students with dark hair and some students who's parents from Puerto Rico .

In every school I attended there was always a talk about racism and I learned that racism goes both ways . Of course I learned about bullying as well !

I cannot remember a year in my entire school life where i was not bullied or another student for being different in any way or being shamed .

I was called a fat sheep from first grade till 8th garde because I did not fit MODEL standards that many skinny girls in my class were copying .

Later on I was bullied or shamed because I did not dress like other girls my age ( I simply did not approve The fashion of that particular decade and at the same time I did not really know what my style was so I wore whatever my mother suggested me to wear ) .

Also girls and boys were treated differently and there were lots of discussions in classrooms and teachers thought their students critical thinking skills by teaching students to form an opion and or understand different point of views .

Nowadays appearantly discussions do not take place as much in classrooms as much . Students nowadays do not really form opions because they focus on the notion that their teacher is right in everything , Whatevver the issue is !

Gender , Politics , Science ....

And todays peoples idea of shaming somebody is different than it used to be in the early 80's .

In The mid 80's for instance , If a friend told another friend that " Purple is not her color " , That just meant that maybe try another color something like red , yellow or just any other color that looks appealing . "

Today if you would tell a friend that purple is not your color then that would be concidered shaming because you have the right to wear whatever color you want ( Sigh) .

Or Feminist getting offended when I  point out that we have women in science , Politics , Medicin and even women in CEO possitions .

I understand womens rights !

Women have the right to equal pay and right to education and opportunity and to be treated with respect by men !

Yes , I agree with that ! But why do  feminist want to ignore what we have achieved so far ?!

would it not make more sense to expand on what we have achieved ?

The reason I am sharing this is because everytime I share a perspective , I am being called sexist , Or I need to get educated about racism or any other issue .

I just find it ironic that I get called out in this way despite my long list of experience and I am not even starting a fight .

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

My heart is broken !

It breaks my heart to see what is happening to our society especially to our western society !

It breaks my heart to see what is happening in The U.S !

It breaks my heart to realize that if you want to know how many people care and it are even able to be heard , Just look at an average hand and count how many fingers you have on one single hand .

People keep saying “ Be an example “ . I used to believe this phrase , But not anymore .

Although instead of complaining , I do what is right and “ Try to be an example “ , But NOBODY is really watching ! Or maybe I should rather say ; Only one person is watching . And by all means , I am not interested in being an example to show off what a great person I am , I am doing as I was raised !  Help others whenever you can or ask others who can help ! But nowadays , People are so busy with Texting and listening to music on their electronic devices , They do not see even what is right infront of their nose ! It breaks my heart and I feel overwhelmed and often helpless. When I see what I just described ! Although it is often easier me to communicate by texting or email , But I make sure that I am aware of my surroundings no matter where I am .

It is exhausting using The subway for me nowadays and I wonder if people behind or infront of me are trying to get killed or just too preoccupied with their phones that they do not see people around them rushing to get on The next train !

People nowadays , If they see somebody on The Street or elsewhere or maybe I should say “ They trip over a baby carriage or somebody on The Street who needs help , They only notice when somebody else comes along to help them they suddenly want to help as well and then after helping or not they go back to their electronics or whatever else they were doing and forget that they were offering help just a minute ago !

It breaks my heart to see this and I am exhausted . No I feel drained seeing all if this !

I weep for this world we live in right now !

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Marxism / Communism is becoming popular nowadays because there is a high rise in poverty.

A lot of young people are screaming " Down with capitalism !"  And said groups are fascinated by Marxism and Leninism .

I think said groups assume that if we get ride of capitalism then we will get ride of poverty and there will be no PRIVILEGES and everybody will be equal.

But capitalism is not The problem  nor was it ever!

We have rich people all over The world  !

What I also find interesting is that we do not have royalty in The U.S . We have political parties. The reason I am mentioning royalty is because The founders of The U.S did not want royalty!  They wanted our nation to have a change in Government every four years and The people should decide who should be next President as opposed to having a decade of royalty ruling The country.

We still have royalty though in some European countries although in some countries royalty was put down because SUPPOSEDLY royalty was The cause of all evil meaning POVERTY !

Russia had royalty but said royals were executed . German royalties are still around but no significant part in power .

And The same with Austria and Iran .

Other countries still have royalties in power so that tells me again that royalty or capitalism is not The problem  !

The actual problem is POWER  !

Many people obviously think that being rich means power . But only very few rich people understand that being rich means ACTUALLY having responsibility  !

When you have money,  You have a responsibility to serve those who are poor . It has been this way for decades  .

The same goes for royalty,  In some countries royalty still exists because said royal families do not focus on power but on SERVING !

They serve their citizens and country.

I am not saying that we should have royalty in The U.S , I am just saying that royalty was not The actual problem.

And I am aware that whoever will read this blog post will think I need to be educated about Marxism and other and you are welcome to educate me , But please keep in mind that each country has its own views on what Marxism and other mean .

From people who lived during The great depression you will hear that China or other former or current communist countries strongly DISAGREED with Russians idea of communism .

Nevermind that The U.S is copy cating Russians idea if communism by making rent so expensive that people have to have a fat paycheck to live on their own ( At least in Massachusetts )

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Monday, September 25, 2017


Although I do not have children, But from what I see in The media and from listening to conversations by friends who do have children I can tell that we have now more school bullying than in The past maybe 20 years !

I personally have experienced a lot of bullying during The 80's and 90's in school .

And age unfortunately does not even matter because bullying happens at ANY AGE !

But I was hoping that bullying would decrease with The years,  But The opposite is happening.

We have now more bullying and it is going to increase to more and more throughout The years !

I kept wondering during this year WHY it bullying is actually increasing and then I started reading articles about schools where bullying takes place and I was shocked when I read phrases from teachers or parents saying that teachers are not going to step in when a child is being bullyied by another student or students! 

It was beyond me how teachers can respond like that !

They seriously are not going to step in and expect The kids to work it out on their own !

This is outrageous  !

And then I read something about a few teachers saying that they did not want to get yelled at from any of The parents who kids were causing trouble !

This made me angry !

In my time we obviously still had real teachers !

In my time , When a student was bullyied,  The class room teacher immediately took action !

Either spanking on The hand with a ruller , Sending said bully to The Principles office and eventually call in The parents or a teacher had a one on one with a bully to make very clear that bullying was NOT acceptable no matter what The supposed reasoning behind it was !

Of course I do know that some parents would come in or talk on The phone with The Principle and sometimes yell at said principal or teacher for laying a hand on their child without caring about The bullying.

I do remember that some mothers showed up and yelled " Mind your business! " even despite talking about The fact that their kid bullyied another kid .

I recall very clearly a student from my class had a bleeding nose , But The parent of The bully did not want to hear it . The most important thing was that nobody has a right to say anything to their kid because they are The parent and not The teacher 

Did any of The behaviors change afterwards;  No ! Nothing was done .

The bully was just defended by a parent and The bullying continued.

If The parents were more reasonable then some of The bullying stopped!

Well , I know now that bullying will increase and more students will die because teachers are too afraid to get yelled at by certain parents  .

I guess home schooling will more safer than actual schools unless you can find a school where teachers care more about The safety of their students than being yelled at parents for doing their job :( !

Thank you


Monday, July 31, 2017

Feminism Today vs. Feminism 200 years ago

Over 200 years ago feminist fought for womens rights . Specifically for women to have equal rights,  The right to vote and The right for education and or higher education like a University degree and good jobs .

In various countries in The world women have gained said rights .

I agree that there are still many countries that do not approve of women and girls rights to education and other.

Having said that , I want to applaud The countries that have women in leadership possitions and women who have Ph.Ds !

I want to apploud The countries where women choose freely if they want a career and family or just be housewives .

Although we still have a long way to go in many countries , I wish that we please  not forget all The above mentioned accomplishments! 

Now we are in 2017 and feminists are still fighting for womens rights,  Which is great , But I am having The sense that women are only focusing on what we are missing in terms of women's rights and ignoring all The accomplishments.

The U.S has various women in leadership possitions.

General Attorney,  Judges,  Former Secretaries of State and Defense  ( I do not care at this point what you think about these women , But they had leadership possitions in The past !) .

Now we definitely have to focus on women's rights to make their own medical choices !

But women having rights does not mean they should be walking nude in The streets or bragging about their bodies !

Feminism is about having self respect for yourself as a woman .

Feminism is supposed to be about women saying " I am a woman and I am intelligent and beautiful human being and I have The right to an education and to lead a company if I am good at it and choose to do so !

Feminism is about women saying " I have The right to choose if I want to have children/ Start a family and or a career.

Feminism is about women saying " I have The right to say no if I choose to !

Feminism was though NEVER about forcing your views onto others or walking around half naked in The streets just because. ....

I wish modern feminists would understand this . ( Sad face )

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Minimum Wages in The U.S

I have learned recently that minimum wages are different in EVERY State !

The minimum wage in Massachusetts is now $11 per hour .

It used to be a few dollars less , But still !

I have looked at minimum wages all over The U.S and noticed that least in Massachusetts you cannot live on $11 per hour  !

And then I noticed a correlation even though a coincidence,  But still a correlation with employers and their requirements saying that you will be paid more if you show your Highschool Diploma.

This is interesting!  You get payed more if you have a high school diploma.

But if that isThe case , Then people who work at fast restaurants like McDonald's and other have a high school diploma !

But then why do they earn minimum wage ?!

I know that there are many high school students during summer break work at fast foid restaurants.

But PLEASE ! Not every employee is a high school student  !

Many of them are between 20-40 years old .

This does not make sense  ! ( Maybe I am missing something ) .

How can employers keep nagging in that job field about GED or high school diplomas and say that they do not want to pay you less than legally allowed and at The same time pay minimum wage ?!

If anybody has an explanation,  I will give you an opportunity :)

Thank you