Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Medicating ADD And ADHD

It is statisticly proven and observed since MORE than 20 years that animals " Pets" to be more specific  are not only GREAT companions for people and children , But also THERAPEUTIC  ! .... There are a LOT of service dogs out there for adults AND children with dissabilities like blindness and seizures !!!! It is also recently proven that pets help children AND adults after a TRAUMA  or other negative experiences , Even cats, Hamsters and fishes help !!!! People with ADD  or ADHD take medication to calm down , So my question is ; WHY NOT offer adults and children with ADD or ADHD a pet INSTEAD of  medication ????!!!! Medications have side effects  while pets do not have side effects at all  !!!! Even if some adults and children have allergies ; You can always work around that ! .... Thank you  for reading .... DUSYA ....

Monday, December 5, 2011

Perspectives: Autism Awareness

Perspectives: Autism Awareness: There is a difference between Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING !!!! Autism AWARENESS means being AWARE of Autism in terms of knowi...

Autism Awareness

There is a difference between Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING !!!!  Autism AWARENESS means being AWARE of Autism in terms of knowing  that Autism exists !.... Autism UNDERSTANDING means though to UNDERSTAND  the STRUCTURE of Autism and to UNDERSTAND the people who have it !!!! .... I realized recently that the MAJORITY of the population , Wether it is the U.S or anywhere else in the world talk a LOT about Autism AWARENESS and /or even celebrating Autism AWARENESS without even realizing that they are ACTUALLY talking about LEARNING to UNDERSTAND what Autism is ! ....  Let me present a few examples ; The U.S , The U.K, Canada and Australia have heard of Autism , Which means that they are AWARE of Autism ; What these countries are doing is " They are STUDYING " Autism e.g they are LEARNING what Autism is , How it works in the brain etc.... !!!!.... Ps: I think somebody should educate people to understand the difference between Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING !!!! .... Thank you for reading .... DUSYA  LYUBOVSKAYA....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Difference between Autism AWARENESS And Autism UNDRSTANDING

I have the feeling that the MAJORITY of the population thinks that Autism AWARENESS and Autism UNDERSTANDING is the same , But that is not true !!!! Why do people think that it is the same ????!!!!Autism AWARENESS means knowing that Autism exsist , But Autism UNDERSTANDING means understading the STRUCTURE o f Autism ( If so to speak ) !!!! The MAJORITY of the WORLD is AWARE of Autism , But the REAL issue is that the MAJORITY has a FALSE picture of Autism!!!! Being AWARE of Autism means knowing ABOUT Autism or say having a GENERAL picture of Autism which you can get from a VARIETY of movies like Forest Gump,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perspectives: Religions

Perspectives: Religions: "For a couple of years I stopped going to church because first of all , My grand parents went to church until they died and so I lost my mo..."

Sunday, June 5, 2011


For a couple of years I stopped going to church  because first of all , My grand parents went to church until they died and so I lost  my motivation  in going to church ,2nds because I have or had serious issues  with the bible ;specificley The Twelve Commendements !!!! One of the Commendements says " HONOR YOUR PARENTS " or "HONOR YOUR SPOUSE" ,But when I see how some parents abuse their children or spouses abuse their partner , I want to either vomit , Beat up these spouses or parents or burn the Bible ( I know, The last notion sounds HORRIFIC ) !!!! The reason I feel this way about the Bible is  e.g The Twelve Commendements  is that I frequently hear in movies and when I am within the public "That you should HONOR your parents " ; I feel like yelling at those who say it and yelling in their face " SHOULD CHILDREN HONOR their PARENTS even if they are being ABUSED by THEM :( ????!!!!" I realize that people do not want to think about it or maybe they did not realize that they should think about that , But I seriously feel like vomiting :(!!!! Now I am more OPEN to the bible because first of all ,For a reason that I can not explain; I am interested in the HISTORY of The Bible and 2nds, I am part of a group that studyies the Bible ( And it does not matter which religion you belong to even if you are an Atheist :))) and I enjoy it very much ; Thanks to my best friend who leads the Bible study , I am more content and understanding and I am learning the Bible from a new and possitive perspective , I am learning to understand what The Bible is REALLY saying and not these interpretations that people hear on TV or god knows where :) !!!!  To make my possition more understandable , When we read the Bible , We are looking deep into it and trying to understand the perspective of the people involved the stories that we read ( It is like we are learning to open our hearts to understand HOW these people got connected to GOD  >3  :) !!!! Now I decided to project my own feelings regarding this topic to Atheists e.g to understand WHY they became Atheists  ( For you do not become an Atheist just because someone told you to or because you were in the mood for it !!!!) All christians go to church on Sundays because Sunday is a HOLLY day!!!! Now in Church you mostly sit and listen to what the preacher is saying and sometimes you read the page in the Bible that the preacher is reffering to .... I do not have an EXACT statement for this , But I am pretty sure that only 50 % of the majority goes to Church because they are believers , The rest goes because it is part of being in the society  ( Good citizen etc....) Now if a young person decides to become an Atheist , Then it is because either these young people did not get there questions answered or because their parents forced them ( As to say mind washing them : IF YOU DO NOT GO TO CHURCH, THEN YOU WILL GO TO HELL or IF YOU GO TO CHURCH , THEN YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON or GOD WILL PUNISH YOU !!!!) Well...... WRONG !!!! God NEVER punishes ANYBODY , HE LOVES ALL OF US even if we do NOT go to church!!!!GOD LOVES US FROM THE FIRST MOMENT THAT WE ARE BORN !!!!  If you want to be a good person, All you have to do is be kind , Help people when they are in NEED , And give your support to those who do not have the strengt to help themselves and defend the defendless !!!! And the reason why Churches and Bibles are being burned is because SOMEBODY is MISINTERPRETING the words in the Bible !!!! Thanks to my friend who leads the Bible study , I realized that when I see a a mother / Father yelling at their child or a spouse abusing in some way the partner , I should not reflect that on the Bible , Because it is NOT the Bibles fault what these people are doing , These people are responsible for their own actions and they are DEFFINETLY NOT believers , For they apperantly chose hate as their religion  :(  !!!! Thank you for reading .... DUSYA ....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

The difference between Autistic and Neuro -Typicale brains

In our brains ,We have a clock with batteries ;And without the "CLOCK" our brains would not FUNCTION !!!! By Autistics is the "CLOCK " located in the Hippo campus  ,While by Neuro-Typicales or Non -spectrumites  the clock is located   WITHIN the brain  and the batteries are by Autistics long lasting e.g they last longer batteries  perse by Neuro- Typicales have limited energy !!!! Because the clock is located by Autistics in the hippocampus ,Which is the LEARNING area ,The brain of Autistics is PLASTIC  e.g they are capable to learn more and easier and generally have the desire to learn ,No matter how old they are  :)  !!!! That said, Most of the energy goes to learning  which is the reason why most Autistics learn to read in a very early age  (Between 2-4 years old ) !!!! Even if some of them do not have speech yet, They do indeed understand their environment ,They just cannot communicate in a TYPICAL way !!!! But if you would sit an Autistic child in front of a computer (Even if the child is 2-3 years old)  you could probably have a VERY productive conversation  :) !!!! The reason why many Autistics have difficulties with fine motor or large motor skills, A mathematical disorder ,Problems with eye contact ,Social skills etc...is because all that is located in different other parts of the brain and the energy in the batteries in the clock in the learning area flow less frequently in those above named areas ! While the clock by Neuro -Typicales is located  within the brain , The energy from the batteries flow in ALL directions ,But the capacity is less productive because the batterties loose faster energy  ( It is like when you have 5 arms and each of these arms is reaching out to different directions and you try to control it but then you loose focus or get stressed and you need a brake ) !!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perspectives: Perspectives

Perspectives: Perspectives: "Despite that many Geniuses or maybe I should say famous THINKERS are Autistic ; The world we are living in is obviously not comprehendin..."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Despite that many Geniuses or maybe I should say  famous  THINKERS  are Autistic ; The world we are living in is obviously  not comprehending  this !!!!  The population obtains their knowledge about Autism from the media e.g from movies like  * Forest Gump* , * Rain Man* and a few other movies that have been recently produced  and shown on screen  throughout the years  and of course the population  believes EVERYTHING  they watch on TV  because what they see on Television is or supposed to portaite our nation . I am not quite sure *WHO"S  * idea it  was and is to present us a false idea  of Autism....NO! The correct description should be ONE - SIDED  picture of Autism  as they are only showing the negative part of it ( Surprise , Surprise !!!!) . I am not sure who"s idea that is  ( The media  maybe?) ; Anyway the population is only aware of the Autistics who are not able to converse and again ! These children and adults can not converse BECAUSE they do NOT have the EQUIPEMENT  e.g no I-Pads and no Lap tops !!!! All children when they go to school, Learn to use a computer and you can even purchase a toy Lap top at Toys R us so that children can learn with fun the alphabets  ( I think you even get it in prea -school) !!!! Just think of Carly Fleischman !!!! Nobody had a CLUE that she has thoughts untill she sat at a lap Top and started typing , It was like a MIRACLE !!!! Everybody was thinking that she was MENTALLY RETARDED just because she could not express herself VERBALLY and now FINALLY she can get the word out BECAUSE she can communicate with a LAP TOP  :)  !!!! The first step for the majority to understand and appreciate Autistic people is to open their minds to new ways of thinking  and that works through changing the media , Educating schools , colleges and work forces !!!! Thank You .... DUSYA ....


Despite that  many Geniuses  or  maybe I should say famous THINKERS  are Autistic  , The world we are living in is obviously  not comprehending this !!!! The population obtains their idea of Autism from the media e.g movies like Rain  Man , Forest Gump  and a few other movies that have came out throughout  the years and of course the population believes EVERYTHING that they watch on TV because TELEVISION  portraites or is  supposed to portraite our nation . I am not quite sure WHY the media is portraiting  a false idea of Autism  ....NO! The correct description should be ONE SIDED because they are only showing the negative part  ( Surprise , Surprise !!!!) e.g I am not quite sure who"s idea it was * THIS FALSE PORTRAITE*