Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why Thorium Molten salt ?!

Thorium is a rock that is as big as your fist and has enough subtabce to cretae energy for at least the next five generations . When you look at galosine and the periodic table , you will see that gasoline is an explosive . Thorium on the other hand , when you look at the periodic table , is on the bottom of the periodic table and considered " non explosive " . Although gasoline is efficent when cooking and creating energy for your car if you drive , it is very expensive and poisonase and easily explosive . Also please consider that gasoline needs to be dug underground and earth is loosing the substance drasticaly and there will not be much left for the next generation . With Thorium molten salt on the other hand , thorium is like a rock that is as big as your fist and can be found in more places and lasts for thousands of years . It is clean energy , costs in comparism to gasoline like pittans and even has health benefits . You will ask now " why dont we use thorium already in our day to day life ?" Here is your answer : Politions are not keen to approve something that they can't profit from . gasoline is very profitable although it does not last long . Because gasoline lasts fofr a short period of time , you can charge more for it because as the business idea goes " if something is scarce , you should charge more for the product . For Thorium on the other hand , you charge less and politions don't benefit from the product at all . Also our society lives with the notion that if a product or service costs $5 as opposed to $5000.000 then the product or service is inefficent . In the old days , business people knew how important quality is . Also if you have a product that costs $1 and is more efficent tahn a product that costs $20 , then obviously you will buy the product that only costs $1 . In today's world , if you see something that costs only $1 then you instanly assume something is wrong with the product and rather but something more expensive . Again , it is about quality . Society has lost view of what quality really is and politions are of course taking advantage of this "trend" . This is the reaosn why thorium is not poppular for politions . The other resason is you cannot use thorium to build bombs or nuclear weapons . Like this video explains eloquently . Or this video explains the periodic table and how different elements interact and how explosive they are Thank you

Waste From Nuclear energy

People around the world are now talking about "waste" from nuclear power and discussing what to do with the waste . I remember in 1991 learning about " recycling " in school . Interestingly the topic of waste is now treated like a concept that is completely new . Any kid nowadays can tell you what receycling is and how to do it . Whatever you consume ,whether it is fruits and vegetables or products like containors for milk or juices... Fruits and vegetables can be recycled again by planting the seed or outer shell of said food item . With containors and bottles , everybody knows , you can recycle by reusing those containors or throwing them into a recycle bin that brings them to a factory that does the recycling by burning and disinfecting them to be reused again and for a new product . The same goes with waste from nuclear power . The residuals or waste is being recycled instantly made into fuel that is then used as energy . Our entire planet is made of rcycling . Our ecology , any waste we produce and whateever residules we have from the weather is immediately recycled . This is not rocket science . This vidoe shows step by step how waste from nuclear energy is being recycled . Thank you for reading

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Nuclear energy And It's benefits For Mankind

The idea of nuclear energy is not new , to be honest . Nuclear energy has been actually in exsistence for thousands of years and has been offically discovered by Dr.Alvin M. Weinberg . The reason I am writing about this topic is because as medical professional I am tired of the medicalestablishment saying there is no answer to healing from cancer although there is and scientifically proven ! Seconds , I am a student in Biotechnology and although I originally plannned to go into medical sciences, I learned receently that medical science does not cover every part of sciences in terms of looking for alternative strategies besides bio pharma . In Biotechnology , you learn about every aspect of science . Biotechnology in simple terms " is the area of biology that uses living organisms or systems to manufacture products or technology intended to improve the quality of human life. Or in laymans term . biotechnology is used to create pharmaceutical , diagnostic, argricultutural, environmental and other products to benefit society . In this case the subject is nuclear energy . Nuclear energy benefits society in more ways than you may think . We already have ncuelear medicen , which is used for radiation to find cancer cells in the body ( MRI) . However nuclear energy can be used in more ways ! Nuclear power plants produce medical isotops that can be used to decrease cancer cells without having your immune system compromised . There is a compamy in Utah that is working with medical istops to help improve the health of cnacer patients . Another benefit from nuclear energy is that it can be used for electriticity and this form of electricity can be used in any country in the world ! We have countries that are using windmills and or solar panels . Let's take solar panels first , yes , you can install solar panels on houses around the U.S.A and any other country where people live in a house or apartment building , BUT you need sun so that the solar panels can absorbe the enrgy from the sun and transform the sun rays into electricity. Everybody who knows something about the weather , even children know that the sun does't always shine . In Hot places like the Bahamas , The Continenet of Africa or Jamaica , yes , the sun shines a lot but it also rains a lot ! I remember being in Jamaica February 2008 , during the winter months , there was impressivly a lot of rain ! Rain doesnt transform into electriticy for solar panels and also a lot of people in Jamaica cannot afford such a luxory . Solar panels are a luxory due to poverty. The same goes with other islands and places in Africa . Windmills will not work either because of insufficent wind . No matter what country you visit , you will notiice , that there is not sufficent wind for a windmill to transform wind into electricity . The other con to windmills is that they easily freez in winter and you have to repair them constantly which again is a waste of money . Same with solar panels . There is an earthqauke , flooding or other natuarl disasters , neither solar panels nor windmills will be sustainable during natural disasters . The other con is and honestly this part breaks my heart ! With windmills , birds get injured or even killed due to gravity . I know some people will say that birds and other flying species can't get injured because " they don't fly that high" . Here is something that any biologist can tell you , eventhough birds "don't fly that high" , they still get injured becaseu when it gets very windy , espially high up in the stratosphere , it happens more often than you think that birds loose control of their wings and get carried away by the wind and unfortunately fly into a windmill. There are a lot of bird documentaries where you will see what happens when birds get caught in a rain storm for instance. With nuclear power plants , you will never encounter any of the above mentioned obstacles . A nuclear power plant staion can be built anywhere around the world. Nuclear energy does not even cause air pollution so bulls from neartby farms can eat the grass. With nuclear poweer plants , no air pollution and you have less cases if at all of people with respiratory issues like COPD . With nuclear power plants you have more efficent cars . With a nuclear power plant station , you don't have to worry about the saftety of children becasue the air is so clean that children can visit with their parents without the fear of gas poisoning. With nuclear power people always have electrity and can cook a meal for their families without depending on whether a windmill will work or a solar panel .