Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why Thorium Molten salt ?!

Thorium is a rock that is as big as your fist and has enough subtabce to cretae energy for at least the next five generations . When you look at galosine and the periodic table , you will see that gasoline is an explosive . Thorium on the other hand , when you look at the periodic table , is on the bottom of the periodic table and considered " non explosive " . Although gasoline is efficent when cooking and creating energy for your car if you drive , it is very expensive and poisonase and easily explosive . Also please consider that gasoline needs to be dug underground and earth is loosing the substance drasticaly and there will not be much left for the next generation . With Thorium molten salt on the other hand , thorium is like a rock that is as big as your fist and can be found in more places and lasts for thousands of years . It is clean energy , costs in comparism to gasoline like pittans and even has health benefits . You will ask now " why dont we use thorium already in our day to day life ?" Here is your answer : Politions are not keen to approve something that they can't profit from . gasoline is very profitable although it does not last long . Because gasoline lasts fofr a short period of time , you can charge more for it because as the business idea goes " if something is scarce , you should charge more for the product . For Thorium on the other hand , you charge less and politions don't benefit from the product at all . Also our society lives with the notion that if a product or service costs $5 as opposed to $5000.000 then the product or service is inefficent . In the old days , business people knew how important quality is . Also if you have a product that costs $1 and is more efficent tahn a product that costs $20 , then obviously you will buy the product that only costs $1 . In today's world , if you see something that costs only $1 then you instanly assume something is wrong with the product and rather but something more expensive . Again , it is about quality . Society has lost view of what quality really is and politions are of course taking advantage of this "trend" . This is the reaosn why thorium is not poppular for politions . The other resason is you cannot use thorium to build bombs or nuclear weapons . Like this video explains eloquently . Or this video explains the periodic table and how different elements interact and how explosive they are Thank you

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